Why you should choose us

Seven reasons to choose SM Officina Meccanica


SM Officina Meccanica offers not only a competent staff, but also great variety of tools and machinery. The company uses the best equipments and successfully operates at every stage of mechanical turning.


Technological advancement has led the company towards continuous development and has guaranteed satisfaction of clients regarding milling issues.


The EDM department contains sinker EDM machines and wire EDM machines and completes the range of processes that cannot be executed for burr removal.


Finishings are completed manually by our skilled professionals who work both on unprocessed and processed parts.


The company works with CAD/CAM systems: from analysis of technical drawings it realizes product design, equipments to be installed in the machinery and the programme to be sent to the CNC machines.


SM Officina Meccanica guarantees the performance of its mechanical constructions through testing and verifications in every stage of production.


SM Officina Meccanica runs a large stock of raw materials, which allows to satisfy also urgent commissioned orders.