About us

SM OFFICINA MECCANICA. Milling, Turning, EDM highly skilled performances.

Since 1969 SM OFFICINA MECCANICAhas been working in the field of construction of mechanical parts for design of automatic machinery.

We have created and occupied a new 2,300 square meter facility. Our team of 4 founders and 18 technical professionals serves customers in the area of milling and turning, always maintaining high quality and efficiency the main priorities while dealing with our clients.

We provide both CNC and traditional services in turning and milling. We also have an EDM department, both sinker EDM and wire EDM.

We are competitive manufacturers of gears and screws as well as TPN and trapezoidal screws. We produce screws, cams, tilting propellers, index drives, all types of gears, 3D modelling and many other products regarding automatic machinery.

At SM Officina Meccanica we manufacture parts as well as a full line of products by means of thermal and galvanic treatments (also with a test certificate if requested).
We are ready to face future challenges with innovative projects for continuous improvement of our production.